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Pop-Up ! Effect - nail decoration1 g


Princess Nails, i.e. sunken particles under the build-up gel at the cuticles, is one of the most popular trends in nail styling. So we come out against it.


Pop-Up! are various sizes of round pieces of ultra-thin foil in a mix of colors. We have created the most desirable shades and color combinations - as many as 12 interesting proposals!


It is a simple and at the same time very visible nail decoration, thanks to which even the simplest styling will take on a delightful shine! Thanks to the Pop-Up effect! you can create a delightful, multi-colored surface or just add an accent.


The pollen is available in various colors, and additionally, by using different color configurations and using different amounts of the product, you will get different effects! We encourage you to experiment.


We recommend melting the product into a gel / acrylogel or working with dual forms to obtain a three-dimensional effect.


Capacity: net weight of pollen 1 g, pollen packed in a 3 ml jar

Pop-Up ! Effect - nail decoration 1 g

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