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Have you ever dreamed of a crystalline sheet of liquid metal on your nails? Discover the wonderful nail art pads in the colors most desired by our clients - holographic silver and gold. The prismatic effect you've been dreaming of!


The perfect reflection of light and its refractions will provide you with a unique effect in just a few moments, even if you have no experience in nail styling. You don't need to use any undercoat anymore - if you don't want to, of course! Fall in love with their holographic aluminum effect.


Don't be afraid to experiment! The product is extremely efficient and universal. You will not only use it for carnival and New Year's Eve styling, but it will also be the perfect complement to any evening outfit. Every valued stylist, as well as enthusiast of beautiful nails should be tempted with a unique collection of these wonderful petals.


They can be used in a variety of ways!


If you expect your styling to change into a solid surface resembling liquid metal - to a base base previously hardened in a lamp (it can be transparent - with or without dispersion! Remember that in both cases the effect will be different! Top 3d Expert MollyLac, and more mirror-like in the case of a top without dispersion, e.g. mirror top MollyLac), put a small amount of petals in such a way that they cover the entire surface - you can do it with a soft brush, a specially dedicated silicone brush or a swab / with your finger, remove the rest with a soft brush and cover the whole with Top, eg Doctor Top and harden the whole. Ready! It's very simple, isn't it?


The second way - if you want to get only irregular shapes of scattered particles in a metallic color - just use your favorite hybrid varnish and top varnish without dispersion or with dispersion (each of them will provide a different effect! Dispersion - a slightly stronger 3D effect, without dispersion - softer than foil ), apply a little flakes, then cover the whole thing with a top coat again and harden. Ready.


A luxurious look in a highly shiny version.

Prismatic Fakes

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