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Rainbow stamp for stamps 3.8 cm


An exceptionally nice and practical gel stamp for transferring patterns from plates and plates to the nail and to the French. Extremely convenient to use and designer at the same time.


Unique, soft rubber band for transferring patterns. If you like surprising with original gadgets - you must have it in your chest. The unique, through-pattern rainbow casing provides excellent visibility of the pattern and the nail, so you can transfer the selected pattern exactly the way you want! Practical to use, easy to clean. Comes with a convenient nail polish scratch off.


Directions for use:


Apply the varnish to the selected pattern on the plate.

Firmly remove excess varnish with a squeegee.

Press the stamp against the pattern on the plate.

Vigorously transfer the pattern to the selected place of the nail plate (the stamp is completely transparent and you can see exactly where the pattern is being stamped).

Size: 4 cm x 3.8 cm


Scratch-off dimensions: 8 cm x 5.2 cm

Rainbow stamp for stamps 3.8 cm

SKU: 5901069325200
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