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Rubber Base 2 in 1 Camouflage  - Cover  MollyLac 10g


Meet the unique 2in1 products,-rubber bases in the range of the most fashionable shades of nude and timeless pink. Thanks to the perfect coverage, very high density and the possibility of building up the tiles, the tiles not only fulfill several functions in one product, but also work with them is simple, pleasant and, above all, fast!


Do you dream about long, well-groomed nails? With the latest MollyLac rubber base, you will have healthy, beautiful nails without any problem!


Self-leveling, dense base with a unique rubber formula for gel and hybrid in a transparent color will surely appeal to you and will become your number 1!


Hard and durable, and at the same time extremely flexible!


The extremely plastic structure is to wrap your nail so that it can grow healthy and strong without any obstacles. MollyLac rubber base is a product for special tasks. Reach for it when you need a unique look and extreme control over your manicure.


What will you gain?

perfect, well-groomed, flawless nail plate in unique colors! (opacity up to 95%)

modeled, superstructure arch (curve c)

excellent protection against mechanical injuries

strengthening and extension of the nail up to 1 cm

regeneration of thin and brittle nails, also with irregularities and nicks

protection against splitting

exceptional application comfort without the effect of flooded cuticles

no air bubbles and can last up to 4 weeks

the best choice for use under a hybrid, gel, acrylgel

easy to remove manually with a file / milling machine


Directions for use:

Apply a thin layer of the base on a carefully prepared nail plate. Then build the curve and apex with more. After curing, you can immediately apply the top coat or remove the dispersion with a cleaner and even out any unevenness with a block.


Curing time: Led 48w - 30 sec., Led 24w - 60 sec., UV / Led 36w - 450 sec.

Rubber Base 2 in 1 Camouflage - Cover MollyLac 10g

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