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Silicone forms for decorating under Powder Gel (model 2)


A plate with beautiful patterns that will allow you to easily and quickly create amazing nail decorations using only acrylogel, pollen in your favorite color: chrome, unicorn, glass, chameleon. The most modern designs, most often chosen by our clients in a modern form of a silicone plate. Extremely durable, light, does not slip during use and is extremely flexible. Easy to clean - just wipe with a cleaner after finishing work!




directions for use:


On the finished stylization, not finished with a top or with the use of a dispersion top, e.g. 3d expert, apply a layer of acrylogel and spread / even out the slip solution with a brush so that the layer is uniform on the entire surface of the nail plate.

Apply the pollen on the silicone mat and rub it in thoroughly with a puppet.

apply the plate with the applied pollen to the nail with the acrylicgel and gently press it with a swinging motion to the entire nail plate.

Remove the silicone from the nail and cure the whole thing in the uv / led lamp.

Apply a top coat with a very thin layer so as not to disturb the shape of the 3d decoration

Silicone forms for decorating under Powder Gel (model 2)

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