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Transparent, clear housing, complete with a paint squeegee and a protective cap


A transparent, soft silicone brush that will allow you to accurately and precisely transfer the pattern from the plate straight to the nail. Practical to use, easy to clean (thanks to the removable silicone tip) and storage (thanks to the protective silicone plug), it is a perfect tool, indispensable in the tray of every nail stylist. The set also includes a squeegee that will allow you to get rid of excess varnish from the plate in one quick move.


Directions for use:

- apply the varnish to the selected pattern on the plate

- firmly remove excess varnish with a squeegee

- press the stamp against the pattern on the plate

- vigorously transfer the pattern to the selected place of the nail plate (the stamp is completely transparent and you can see exactly where the pattern is being stamped)




size: 3 cm diameter of the stamp, height 6 cm


scratch-off dimensions: 8.3 cm x 5.3 cm

Silicone Stamp For Decorations

SKU: 5906553540923
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