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Smoke Nails - nail pigment for a smoke effect


Thanks to the pigmented powders, each styling will be unique. Fine dust is ideal for obtaining the smoke effect. Smoke nails is a HIT of nail ornaments. The amazing effect is very easy to achieve and the result is stunning.


Capacity: net weight of pollen approx. 0.6 g, pollen packed in a 3 ml jar


The method of obtaining a smoke effect with the use of polish gel:

- we prepare the nails as for a hybrid manicure

- paint the nail plate with the Base and harden it in a UV lamp

- on the hardened base, we apply the selected hybrid color and cure it with a UV lamp, repeat the action (the smoke effect is best presented on black varnish)

- apply Top No Wipe on the hardened color and cure it in a UV lamp

- with the use of white hybrid varnish or white art gel, we paint delicate patterns on the nail plate - WE DO NOT HARDEN IN THE LAMP

- with the Cleaner and a gel brush, we smear our white patterns, and cure the whole thing in a UV lamp

- paste the pigment into the hardened white color at our discretion, creating an original pattern

- remove excess neon pollen with a delicate brush

- everything is covered with a top coat and hardened in a UV lamp


The pollen is intended for professional use only.



✓ Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

✓ Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Apply only in rooms with good and efficient ventilation.

✓ Do not use in case of hypersensitivity.

✓ Do not use in the case of damage or diseases of the nail plate.

✓ In case of any adverse reactions or the appearance of hypersensitivity - discontinue use of the product.

✓ Do not use in a manner inconsistent with its intended use.

✓ Do not use directly on the nail plate.

✓ Use a protective mask and disposable gloves for application


Contraindications - any lesions of the plate and around the nail plate.

Smoke Nails - nail pigment for a smoke effect

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