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Splendor nail powder 2 g

Pastel dust with a distinct iridescent particle. The crystalline glow shimmering pink and reflecting every ray of the sun will not let you pass by indifferently! Perfect for creating colorful, original stylizations and for turning classic beautiful colors into a real work of art. Use as an accent or on the entire styling and enjoy a multi-dimensional manicure.


An extremely simple and surprisingly quick form of nail art. Splendor can be rubbed to create a perfect surface or sprinkled with a frost effect!


Ease of execution is a great advantage of pollen! It looks phenomenal on any undercoat color. Use when you do not have time for intricate patterns or when you expect a distinct shine from your manicure. Get noticed!


The pollen will surely appeal to both beginners and advanced nail stylists.


Splendor is available in 7 shades of summer - rainbow colors will be diversified by pastels, neon lights, but they will also look great blended into a transparent gel, or as an addition to Princess Nails.


Directions for use:


Frost effect:


Perform any styling as standard: hybrid, gel, acryl-gel, etc.

Apply top all over, eg Doctor top; sprinkle pollen before curing.

After curing (30sec 48w dual led lamp) of the Splendor top, remove excess pollen with a soft brush or a delicate brush.


Smooth surface:


Perform any styling as standard: hybrid, gel, acryl-gel, etc.

After hardening the second layer of color, rub the powder into the dispersion; if you use colors without dispersion, such as Artistic gel or hypnotise white / ultimate black, apply a thin layer of the base on the whole. Eg MollyLac Antidote and harden in a lamp.

Start rubbing the pollen with a hand puppet or finger, taking care not to wipe the sticky layer together with the pollen.

After obtaining a uniform surface, cover the whole with a top coat without dispersion and harden again in the lamp, remembering to secure the free edge.

Remove excess particles with a soft brush.

If, on the other hand, you use classic nail polishes, just sprinkle a small amount of pollen on the top coat, eg Diamond top MollyLac, and wait for it to dry completely!


Capacity: net weight of pollen approx. 2 g, pollen packed in a 7 ml jar.

Splendor nail powder 2 g

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