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Spotlight MollyLac 5ml


Unique colors from the Spotlight collection from Mollylac will show you a new dimension of manicure! A special collection in line with the current trends of a strong, reflective look in feminine colors! The energetic colors full of sparkling particles shimmering with the multicolored glow of holographic glitter are the hit of the coming season.


Each of the shades hides the power of shiny, thick particles that perfectly reflect the light like a kaleidoscope. Their glow will illuminate even the most cloudy day. Let yourself be carried away by the fancy effect enclosed in a charming MollyLac bottle.


Perfect coverage with the first brush stroke. Feminine, extremely holographic, heavily pigmented! The colors perfectly complement the elegant colors that are worn by women 'for all occasions' but also solo, for an expressive look and an eye-catching creation. Get to know them all and choose your favorite one.


Which of the Spotlight colors do you like the most?


Directions for use:


We prepare the nail plate, matt it and remove the epithelium and cuticles.

Degrease the nail, wipe it with a cleaner, then apply a thin layer of the hybrid base.

We apply one or two thin layers of color, curing each for 30 seconds in a 48W LED lamp. Note, in the case of colors with flecks, we recommend that you mix the product well before application.

Spotlight no 630 -638 MollyLac 5ml

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