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Square gel brush Mollylac transparent brown natural bristles No. 2


The highest quality brush made of synthetic bristles, intended for use in the broadly understood gel technique. Perfect for extending, building, forming on the form and tips as well as on the natural nail plate. It is characterized by very high quality and durability. Perfectly matched flexibility and elasticity of the bristles will improve your work and the shape of the bristles will ensure the perfect and even distribution of the gel exactly where you want it. It will be a pleasure to work close to the skins and on the side shafts. Forget about flooded, unsightly skins.


A carefully made accessory for precise gel application is a must-have for every nail lover and stylist.


If you are looking for the best quality product - you've come to the right place. Our brush will meet your expectations. It lies very comfortably in the hand, does not slip and is easy to clean. Provides the highest comfort of work. It will work well with thick, very thick and thin nail styling gels. Specially shaped, flat bristles make the application of the gel extremely easy. The accessory precisely spreads the gel on the nail plate without leaving bubbles, bubbles or streaks.


Remember - next to perfect skills, there are always good quality products that will complete the whole and guarantee that your styling will always be perfect.




Natural, brown bristles

Size: 2

Plastic handle

The brush is also perfect for decorating nails with various techniques and creating a smile line.


The size of the brush is a very individual matter. Size 8 works best with very thick builder gels. Choose a size 6 brush if you are not a beginner and feel comfortable with gel styling. Size 4 and 2 will work for less advanced nail lovers or when you need to work more precisely, for example with cuticles. One thing is certain, regardless of the size of the brush you choose - each of them will meet your expectations and will allow you to enjoy it for a long time.

Square gel brush Mollylac transparent brown natural bristles No. 2

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