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Square tips clear transparent 100 pcs. 10 sizes model 5


Do you like to wear long nails, but you don't have time for time-consuming extensions at the beautician?


Bet on a ready-made solution, which are tips!


Only a moment is enough for your hands to change beyond recognition. Well-groomed and long nails within your reach.


The package contains as many as 100 tips in 10 sizes.


Tips are made of very strong but flexible ABS plastic. They look very natural thanks to the curvature in line with the growth of the natural nail. They do not crack or break during application and use.




Match the correct sizes of artificial nails.

Thoroughly clean, dry and file natural nails.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the natural nail, spreading it evenly over the entire surface.

Apply the artificial nail and press lightly for about 10-20 seconds.

After gluing the nails, lightly file their edges.

Decorate as desired.


To remove artificial nails, use acetone remover and then gently remove them. Artificial nails should be changed every 10-12 days.

Square tips clear transparent 100 pcs. 10 sizes model 5

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