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Story Time is a collection full of happiness, glamor and classics. Let this year's festive time give you relief in the pursuit of everyday life! We know that unique and yet so traditional colors are an excellent choice, that's why we have prepared a set of 9 elegant and unusual colors for special occasions!


620. Liquid gold because this is how you can describe this color is the epitome of wealth on your hands. If you do not like to stand out from the crowd with your outfit - you can focus on a stronger accent in the form of an interesting manicure! The fine dust dancing in the captured base will surely keep pace with you!


621. Royal gold with thick glitter will allow you to enjoy an intriguing mani during important outings! Add spice to your hands or use just as an accent. A unique atmosphere and a guarantee for a successful manicure!


622. Bottle green with glitter. The depth of this color is the power of the fall and winter look! This color will never go out of style.


623. An exceptionally classic shade of bloody red. If you value ultra feminine and interesting colors at the same time - this color will turn your head and will not allow you to change it to any other.


624. It will be extremely difficult to overshadow the glow of this color. The combination of gold and red in a unique composition is a magical mixture perfect for a great occasion.


625. Classic, burgundy claret, regardless of the season, is very popular! Allow yourself to be calm and conservative - if you like, of course.


626. Glitter finish of burgundy hybrid varnish? Why not! Holographic dust will add charm and break the conventions associated with the traditional version of this color!


627. Delicate beige with platinum dust is a perfect accessory for special occasions! It tempts with the magic of shine and allows you to lose yourself in its interesting color! Highlight the beauty and tempt with champagne color on your hands.


628. The depth of inky blue broken with delicate dust of the same color. Choose this color to feel exceptionally majestic and elegant at the same time.

Story Time Molly Lac 5ml

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