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The Secret of Chameleon consists of 11 unique colors with a delightful and unique glow. Shimmering colors sparkling to the limit. Let yourself be carried away by flawless iridescent particles that change colors like a chameleon with every movement of your hand.


The collection is presented in two versions - white and black - for your inspiration. See how wonderful you can portray them in a variety of ways.


One product, many possibilities. The only limit is your imagination. A combination of iridescent whites, which thanks to their versatility and purity will be a unique complement to your look, red in a cherry edition, violet in a fuchsia glow! It will depend on your humor whether you will use a given color solo, on light colors or on dark ones, adding a strong 'claw' to your manicure.


What's her secret? It is a combination of hybrid varnish and pollen - the chameleon effect.


You no longer have to buy two different products to create a dazzling styling - go for a 2in1 nail polish!


The multitude of colors, perfect look and time saving ... It's your secret, it's the Secret of Chameleon!


Discover the freedom of combining hybrid varnish with an iridescent glow! You do not have to invest in new pollen anymore, just add spice with the color from the Secret Of Chameleon collection and combine freely with your favorite colors, creating multi-colored stylizations. Remember that your manicure doesn't have to be boring! Your nails may surprise you with their unique aura.


Directions for use:


We prepare the nail plate, matt it and remove the epithelium and cuticles.

Degrease the nail with a cleaner, then apply a thin layer of the hybrid base.

We apply one or two thin layers of color, curing each for 30 seconds in a 48W LED lamp. Note, in the case of colors with flecks, we recommend that you mix the product well before application.

We put the selected top on the color with or without washing.

The Secret Of Chameleon Molly Lac 5ml

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