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Titanium Magic PEN


A unique dust for nail art closed in a handy pen. The mirror surface effect is a timeless design in a manicure. Delight with a sparkling accent or stylization in a magical atmosphere dripping with liquid metal! Move to the world of illusion and arouse admiration.


The pollen is compact, but don't let its small size fool you! The pen has as much as 0.5 gr. Which will provide you with countless styling, because when applying the product you use a small amount!


No unnecessary puppets, no loss of product, no dirty workplace and no flying particles!


The precise applicator in the form of a soft sponge with perfect elasticity is a guarantee of always perfectly applied pollen, without streaks and wasted product. You use exactly as much as you need!


Dress your nails in bright colors and don't be afraid to shine in the company.




Apply the polish gel on the nail properly prepared for styling and cover it with a non-dispersion top coat, immediately after removing it from the lamp, apply the pollen. Secure the styling with a second layer of a hybrid top.


You can also apply the dust on the color / top dispersion. Then the effect will be completely different - much more expressive, metallic, but not uniform. Particles will be visible.

Titanium Magic Pen

£5.99 Regular Price
£5.39Sale Price
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