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Top Confetti MollyLac  5 ml


Confetti top is a hybrid topcoat dedicated to bold, open-minded women who love to play and experiment with their own image. Thousands of shimmering holographic hexagons, fine dust, a feast of joyful colors - we have closed it all in a topcoat dedicated to the party look. 2-in-1 product - wonderful particles of various colors and textures embedded in the topcoat. The product is cured for about 60 seconds in a 48w led / uv lamp


If you want to be sure that the confetti top will have maximum shine and durability - harden it for a shorter time (about 30 seconds), then put on Doctor top and cure again, if you want the confetti not to take stains - reapply Mr Miracle on the styling. If, on the other hand, the top confetti top is the end product, all you need to do is harden it in a 48 led uv lamp for about 60 seconds.


This top allows you to get the "mist effect with sparkling particles" on the nails (strongly opalescent - does not change the base color). Perfect as a topcoat for colored hybrid varnishes as well as for French or babyboomer nails.



The tops are intended for people expecting maximum durability from the hybrid manicure treatment, resistance to chipping and a beautiful, unique look in an interesting edition.

Top Confetti MollyLac  5 ml

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