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Top Secret MollyLac no wipe  10 g


Get maximum shine in an impressive modernist style! Top without a dispersion layer with irregular black and white decorative elements.


Discover the newest way to a fashionable look! It fits perfectly into the prevailing aesthetic trends and those related to the speed of styling! Get the effect of crushed particles! Perfect protection for your manicure and a beautiful look.


The specially selected formula of the hybrid top does not require washing, and particles of various textures and sizes create a unique effect on the nail. A beautiful composition of interpenetrating black and white particles on your favorite base color!


Thanks to it, you can change any stylization in a unique style in a few moments.


One product - two uses!


If your clients like intriguing effects in styling, but you don't like wasting time applying pollen - you'll love our top! Top Secret does not have a dispersion layer, thanks to which you will shorten the working time to a minimum. In addition, its medium-thick consistency will ensure comfort of work and minimize the risk of flooding the cuticles.


Product features:


Without washing the dispersion layer.

The maximum level of gloss with impressive particles.

The biggest trend of this season - fast and effective styling with a 2-in-1 product.

Black and white particles in various sizes and textures.

The best protection of styling against abrasion.

Consolidation and unique character.

Use on your favorite base color!

It does not wrinkle during hardening - it creates a perfect surface.

Attention! Do you prefer a matte finish enriched with black particles on your favorite color? All you need to do is gently matt the top with a high-gradation polisher or use a matte top, e.g. Satin Top MollyLac.


Curing time in LED lamp: 30 seconds, in UV / lLED 60 seconds

Top Secret MollyLac no wipe  10 g

SKU: 5903990511608
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