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Training mat for patterns and ornaments set A5 12 pcs


Mats for practicing patterns / ornaments are specially prepared work cards, thanks to which you will learn from scratch the secrets of perfect execution of intricate decorations. Concentrated on the most fashionable and modern decorations and novelties in the world of nails.


They are reusable, so you can practice and wash the pattern any number of times! Remember not to harden it.


The set includes 12 worksheets in 4 thematic blocks:


basics of artistic drawing




Each of them has many designs at different levels of sophistication! If you like to learn and expand your knowledge, exercise mats are for you.


From now on, even the most complex patterns and intricate patterns will not be a challenge for you!


You will control your hand and its trembling, you will provide yourself with maximum abilities in transferring majestic, exclusive decorations to your offer.

You will learn the secrets of picking up the product, guiding the brush and picking up the brush.

The perfect solution for self-taught people who do not want to spend a few hundred zlotys on training - our mats have as many as 12 mats with various decorations, which you will not learn even during a few days of stationary training!


The mats are also a bomb of the most modern decorations that you can add to your services as a ready-made product!


Dose a dose of knowledge when you have time and feel like it. Everything at your own pace and as often as you need to.


They are for life! After decorating with Artistic Paint Gel, wipe the mat with a dry cotton swab or a slightly soaked cleaner.


If you were not born with an artistic talent, there is nothing easier, you can acquire it and delight with beautiful decorations.

Training mat for patterns and ornaments set A5 12 pcs

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