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A universal wooden brush with natural bristles for decorations


Brush for decorations, acrylic, acrylic decorations, watercolors, and more and more often for gel.


Tool made of natural bristles with a handle made of lacquered wood. It is very comfortable to work with, it does not slip while working. Thanks to a specially profiled handle with a rounded triangle cross-section, the brush guarantees support for all three fingers holding it, thus ensuring excellent precision of movements and unique ergonomics.


Perfect for longer work with the client and demanding decorations!


  • natural bristles
  • varnished wood handle
  • handle ensuring ergonomics and precision of strokes
  • ideal for: shading, applying a large amount of material such as gel or acrylic, creating ornaments and floral decorations, also structural.

Universal ergonomic wooden brush no 4

SKU: 5906553091968
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