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Captivate everyone

with the eye-catching and original Water Color Molly Lac styling



Nail ink for super fast nail styling. Now you can apply fancy and unique styles such as bubbles, watercolours and blurs.


Why Molly Lac ART Water Color?

- fast and easy application

- amazing efficiency

- liquid consistency

- rich pigment

- limitless possibilities – marry different colours

- can be used as base for other styles


Method of application:

1. Apply double base coat to nails and dry it under a lamp.

2. Make dots on the base coat with a little Water Color polish, dabbing excess polish away with a cotton bud. Dip a thin brush in isopropyl alcohol and gently smear the pattern with it.

3. Preserve it with a top coat which will bring out the true intensity of Water Color.

Available in 18 colors and 6 metalic colors

Water Ink ART - No 19 - 28 Molly Lac

£2.50 Regular Price
£2.13Sale Price
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